“Online handwriting classes for school going children are conducted by an occupational therapist trained in handwriting without tears curriculum”
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I am extremely pleased with the OT rendered by Dr.Balaji and team of Buds To Blossom. What is fascinating is the ability of Dr.Balaji to accurately diagnose the developmental issues for my daughter through a scientific testing process. he chalked out an objective / sharp OT intervention for my daughter with appropriate milestone checks and balances.

Based on the results, Given that I hold a masters degree in social sciences and psychology, I understand the depth of Dr.Balaji’s diagnostic approach to OT coupled with his deep understanding of the latest OT techniques. Owing to his intervention, my daughter who was on the lower end of the autistic spectrum, has marched past several development milestones in the last couple of years under the close guidance of Dr.Balaji and his team. Even during these times of pandemic, while I was earlier apprehensive about doing OT remotely, I find that there is no dilution of effectiveness even if OT is done remotely. In fact, I am able to save a lot of travel time to the clinic and my daughter has adapted herself well to the digital mode. My wife and I are always indebted to him as we see our child manifest age appropriate behaviour.

Hi All, A big thank you to Dr Balaji and his team for helping us to understand the shortcoming of a child and guiding us through our journey with different thearist as age appropriate and helping us sail through. We started this unknown journey which was very much guided by the doctor making it a fruitful journey.

And hats off to sir, having taking classes personally online within the comfort zone of our homes is highly commendable. As parents we are thankful to doctor Balaji and his team for it has worked long for us both hand's on ,and online therapy since lockdown Online classes show their commitment level for kids and truly Appreciate the same where there is a will there's a way. Thank you once again lots of gratitude.

Doctor is very patient and friendly towards the kids. My daughter is 2yrs old and we have been coming here for the past one month. I could see a lot of major changes in her within this short span. The doctor and the staffs made this happen with their much needed approach. I strongly recommend him to anyone awaiting help!

We are completely satisfied with therapy given to my daughter and are very happy with therapists and their approach to my daughter is good she feels like extended home and at same time she as shown lot of improvements and they are very much accessible to us when we are not in town they advise on home program or any sort of issues immediately answered

Very good service and noticed a lot of improvement in my son's behaviour and activities would really recommend for others too. Staff faculty are very Co operative. They have much patience in dealing with the kids. Thank you for lending a helping hand for such kids with hyperactive,delayed speech.

We have seen good progress on our daughters motor skill. Very happy we are. Therapists explaination after each session increases our confidence

Our sons speaking ability has improved well and he is trying to speak in full sentences. His concentration level has improved, he is writing , playing with other children, eating by self , trying to do his daily routines. We are happy with improvements in his activities and speech . Thank you so much.

Very much satisfied with the doctor and the therapists. Well qualified therapists. Spacious ambiance with well equipped features. I could see a lot of changes in my kiddo after putting here.

Pradeepa Renganathan
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We have been seeing a lot of improvement from the time we stepped into this centre, which is very satisfying. The therapists here have been doing a great work in listening patiently to parents concerns. It is very comfortable when a center has good quality OT, speech and spl ed at the same place. Keep up the good work.

Ezhil Castro
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They keep the appointments in time. The promptly message communicate the appointments. The schedule is flexible they accommodate the requirements of the clients also. they have a dedicated team and they also take personal care/ attention. Over all good service.

Mithun Kumar
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it is a great experience bringing my son to this clinic. there are lots of improvements day by day. thanks a lot for the entire team. keep up the good work.

Thirumal Adhimoolam
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