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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

This commonly used term has three parts: Speech Therapy, Language Therapy and Communication Therapy. Buds to Blossom's Speech Therapists address motor problems involving the oral structures (lips, tongue, teeth, palate, nasal cavity, and breathing mechanism). The clarity of speech spelt out by the child gives a sign about the child's developmental growth. Speech aids in the basic identification of autism. The disability in speech, language and communicational skills are the symptoms of an ASD child.

The developmental delay of oral functions can be identified in children when they attain the age of 3 years old. Disability in communication has to be corrected with the aid of therapy sessions. The lack of communication clarity leads to a lack of socialization. Disability in social skills is a born nature observed in autistic children. SLPs aid the ASD child to break the stereotypes of developmental delays.

Our Speech Therapists help the child produce speech sounds more clearly. Therapists from Buds to Blossom is certified by renowned institution thereby they efficiently plan Language Therapy for autistic children addressing cognitive (thinking) problems involving listening, paying attention, understanding, memory, and organizing thought etc.,

Speech Therapy significantly influences the growth level of an ASD child. Speech, language and communication are the output of cognition growth. The ability to think and the disability to express their ideas make autistic children lose their confidence level. Speech Therapists aid the child make proper communication with others.

Our Paediatric Speech Therapists aid ASD children to speak in sentences, educate them to reduce grammatical mistakes, create enthusiasm in learning new words, and encourage them to give a try on reading. Compared to a normal child, an autistic child takes a long time to receive, understand, process and respond to commands. Therapists aid the child to overcome their struggles on how to tune their tone to spelt out the words more clearly.

The therapy is framed with exercises on how to move their tongue to express words of clear sounds. Speech Therapists train the child to understand the meaning of words with the aid of visuals or actions. Pronunciation, cognitive thought process, and expression of words are interlinked to each other. Hence, our Speech Therapists aid autistic children by training them on all key elements and supporting them in fighting against autism.

Our Occupational Therapist Center in Chennai is specialized in offering Communication Therapy exclusively designed with result-proven Communication Therapy episodes for ASD children. Buds to Blossom's Communication Therapists help autistic Kids to overcome their disabilities by training them with comprehensive session modules. Our therapists aid the child to get over their prevailing social problems involving interest to interact and adapting to people and the environment.

Buds to Blossom trains ASD children to speak when someone initiates a conversation, assists them to follow instructions, encourages them to show interest to engage with people, and gives relevant answers to the asked questions. Our holistic design of SLP episodes, enables world-class training for developmentally delayed children, to support them to overcome their disabilities and start to interact with society confidently.

Speech Disorders and Language Disorders

A speech disorder is a disability to spell out words with pronunciation at a clear tone and a language disorder is a disability to understand, process and initiate communication.

Speech disorders include:

Our Speech Therapists For Kids in Chennai train ASD Children on sounding the words with the right pronunciation and encourage them to talk clearly whenever they had a chance to do it.

Buds to Blossom's Speech Therapists plan tailored episodes for individual autistic children, assist them and improve their uninterrupted speech flow, and help them to reduce their difficulties to make a conversation that they face due to prolonged sounds and syllables

Speech Therapist in chennai at Buds to Blossom create enthusiasm in autistic children in trying to talk with a clear voice and pitch modulations, training them with different session modules that make them gradually improve their speaking skills.

Buds to Blossom's practitioners aid the autistic child with real-time and action-driven sessions on how to stop drooling, how to chew foods and swallow them without making spills.

Language disorders can be either receptive or expressive:

Our therapist plan the episodes and sessions included with pictures, actions, and activities that help the autistic child to understand, process, and react to the commands they receive.

Practitioners from Buds to Blossom, train and assist autistic children on how to express their thoughts, and facial expressions with the words they try to convey during social conversation.

Specialists in Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are practitioners accredited in the specialization of human communication, which concentrates on speech development and disorders. Buds to Blossom's Speech Therapists are the best in town to help ASD children to develop their communication skills. We follow globally recommended therapy sessions that enable the autistic child to show improvements in soft skills.

The identification of a specific oral disability plays a significant role in framing the sessions for an autistic child. Our speech therapists follow the best practices to identify the type of communicational disorders that an ASD child suffers such as developmental delays due to articulation, fluency, voice, receptive, and expressive language disorders, through the assessment of speech, language, cognitive communication, and oral/feeding/swallowing skills.


Our speech therapists take special care of each individual's progress by assisting the autistic child with one-on-one therapy sessions, and training them in groups, to overcome their disorders.

Therapists use a variety of strategies, including:

Speech Therapy for Kids in Buds to Blossom is articulated with various activities including visual, pictorial, audio, and much more, which creates interest in the ASD child to learn and build self-confidence to have a clear conversation with others in a social space.

Speech Therapists from Buds to Blossom, who are specially trained in Articulation Therapy, plan episodes and sessions with tailored modules, which help autistic children to understand, grasp and position their tongues when trying to speak the words of different sounds and pitches.

Our Speech Therapists plan Oral Motor therapy sessions with result-proven oral exercises that aid the autistic child to express their conversation with facial emotions, and proper oral movement to make a clear conversation. Feeding and Swallowing Therapists from Buds to Blossom, train the ASD child in identifying the foods to eat with jaw movement and how to swallow them by guiding them with visuals in Chennai and Nearby Areas.

When do you require Speech Therapy?

Kids might need speech-language therapy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Hearing impairments
  • Cognitive (intellectual, thinking) or other developmental delays
  • Weak oral muscles
  • Excessive drooling
  • Chronic hoarseness
  • Birth defects such as cleft lip or cleft palate
  • Motor planning problems
  • Respiratory problems (breathing disorders)
  • Feeding and swallowing disorders
  • Traumatic brain injury

Autism can be identified in the child when he/she exhibits the above-mentioned signs. Speech Therapy classes aid the ASD child in improvising their ability to overcome disabilities over a period of time. The progression of autism can be stopped when the developmental delays are diagnosed at the earliest. The early enrolment of an autistic child in speech therapy classes results in fruitful outcomes. Autistic children enrolled before the age of attaining 5 years old have made significant progress in overcoming their oral disabilities compared to the child that hasn't enrolled in classes. Our speech therapy clinic in Chennai creates a kids-friendly ambience that aid autistic to feel energized and happy to attend sessions with more interests.

Buds to Blossom's Has the Best Speech Therapists in Chennai to help older kids make progress in therapy. We design therapy classes in such a way that the child does not feel hard to unlearn and learn patterns when enrolled.

Helping Your Child

The interests and involvement of an autistic child play a significant role in the journey of their child's progression in speech therapy.

The therapy sessions taken by the child have to be appreciated and practised at home. The Collaborative efforts from the speech therapists and parents aid their children in the progression of therapy sessions which assist the child to show improvements in their learning.

It is important to keep track of your child's oral ability development progression. Overcoming a disability takes a period of time and involves continuous training. At Buds to Blossom, we advise the parent of an autistic child to be patient, trust the sessions and be confident in their kids' ability to get over the oral developmental delays.

It is the responsibility of a parent to help their child by assisting them with the training and homework activities assigned by the speech therapists.


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