“Online handwriting classes for school going children are conducted by an occupational therapist trained in handwriting without tears curriculum”

Handwriting Groups

Blast Off To Printing

For children in Kindergarten-1st Grade(3 years & 6 months to 6 years & 6 months)

The disability in handwriting is due to the developmental delay in fine motor skills. Typically autistic children are more prone to handwriting struggles. Buds to Blossom, a Paediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic in Chennai has the best therapists in the town certified by well-recognized institutions to offer handwriting coaching, especially to ASD children.

Handwriting groups organized by our clinic help the children to cope with their handwriting skills. Buds to Blossom have an exclusive trainer to train the special child in multiple aspects. Our trainers give special care and attention to each child in the handwriting group sessions. The trainers sit with the autistic child, support them in every line/letter written and travel with them throughout the session. Buds to Blossom's Handwriting Group is designed for children who have had some experience with printing.

The episodes of Handwriting Therapy increase the physical stability of having a firm grip over handwriting stationaries. Activities planned by our trainers will be developmentally appropriate for children who have completed kindergarten or first grade.

Cruising to Cursive

For children in 3rd/4th Grade (7 years & 6 months to 9 years & 6 months)

Autism influences the beauty and style of handwriting. An autistic child suffers from dyslexia and dysgraphia which worsen the handwriting even more. Buds to Blossom's trainers have done high-level certification from renowned institutions.

Every enrolled child is given exclusive attention to make them prosper in their skills. With the right assessment techniques and modules, our trainers' aid ASD children to excel in proper writing. Also, the autistic child finds it very hard in writing cursive letters due to their fine motor skill disability. To overcome these problems, our Handwriting Trainers for autistic children in Chennai train them with an emphasis on the use of kinesthetic awareness, finger dexterity, joint stability, as well as, proper pencil grasp, correct letter formation, and accurate sizing and spacing.

A Multi-disciplinary approach to social development

Buds to Blossom has designed a special group for special children with autism. This group has exclusive therapists trained to conduct a session with Applied Behavior Analysis. ABA therapy helps the autism children to nurture their physical and emotional well-being.

Our Paediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic in Chennai has the best ABA trainers to aid and assist autistic children to build skills in various aspects. Buds to Blossom designs Building Block Therapy to transform pre-school aged children to fit the school environment both socially and emotionally. Our trainers take utmost care of the child during their playtime and guide them to develop sensory-motor development.

Sessions will include:

  • Circle Time
  • Gross Motor Play
  • Craft (Fine-Motor Skills)
  • Cooperative and Imaginative Play Skills


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