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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

An occupation can be anything someone does to occupy his or her time in everyday life. Every child has an occupation to spend time in their daily living. In simple words play, crawling, sleep, and walking are the day-to-day occupation of a child. In general, the child is said to be mentally and physically strong when they show interest in their occupation in one or the other way.

It is very much important for a child to have an occupation. It is the basis for a child to groom as a normal person in the future. Once the child attains the growth phase of youth, it is much needed to take care of themselves and their daily living. When a child misses out on their occupational activities during their childhood, the future will become a major concern to the parent of a child.

A child has to crawl, walk, and speak at a certain age. But, if a child misses an occupation then the child needs special attention and care to help them nurture like other common children. These are the common signs indicating the child is suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). It is very difficult for a parent to accept that their child is an ASD.

The abnormalities and development delays are to be addressed in a timely manner. The earlier the identification, the earlier the prevention. In some cases, people refer to the growth phase of the parent's childhood development. If the delays exceed the assumption, the parent of a child is advised to concern a Paediatric Occupational Therapist.

Occupational Therapist aids in the child's progression to look after their occupation. Buds to Blossom has a team of well-trained Occupational Therapists to give comprehensive and proper training to Autistic Children. Our Occupational Therapy Clinic in Chennai is renowned for well-orchestrated episodes of therapy aiding ASD children to overcome their occupational struggles.

Disabilities and developmental delays are the key elements in which an ASD child will be trained by Occupational Therapy practitioners. With continuous involvement, training, and sessions, autism can be overcome. Compared to a normally grown child, the autistic child exhibits a growth level of 3 times delay. Emotional support has to be concrete in the minds and hearts of the ASD child's parents which aids the kid in successfully overcoming their disability.

Practitioners in Buds To Blossoms are certified by well-renowned institutions in the country. Paediatric Occupational Therapists from our clinic plan result-driven episodes to slow down functional issues' progression and completely eliminate neuro disorder conditions. Neuro disorders are one of the sole reasons behind autism. Slowing down the progression is the primary step in the treatment of autism.

Buds To Blossoms Occupational Therapy episodes are framed on par with global standards. Our Therapist covers the treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD), Fine Motor Delay, Sensory Integration, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Handwriting. The quality of Therapists we articulate to the child's parents builds optimism in their thought process and confidence to foster their kid to carry through their interest in occupation. Enroll now for Occupational Therapist at Buds To Blossom in Chennai and Nearby Areas.

possible reasons for referral to ot are difficulties with one or more of the following:

If a child finds difficulty in coordinating hand movements/skills with the eyes, it is observed as a sign of autism. Typically, children like to occupy themselves with physical activities. Showing no interest and finding difficulty to connect dots, maze drawing, and writing leads to the need for special care. This is a common diagnostic method practiced by occupational therapists for ASD. Based on the performance of a child, the episodes and treatment plan of occupational therapy are decided.

Visual Perceptual Skills are a technique for Autism diagnosis practiced by the occupational therapist to treat an autistic child when he/she finds it difficult to pinpoint the display letters/numbers/shapes when a child is given an instruction to spot it. Adding to it, the occupational therapists from Buds to Blossom analyse the autistic child by instructing the kid to solve the puzzle, locate the object in the blurred background, match similar objects, and draw similar forms. For the ASD Child having difficulty with the mentioned diagnostic techniques, our therapists suggest taking treatment for visual perceptual skills.

An Autistic child has problems with sitting posture. ASD Child finds it very difficult to hold on to their pose for a long time. Our Occupational Therapy Clinic in Chennai and Nearby areas supports the child to ease their constraint on postural control through result-driven episodes. Buds to Blossoms Occupational Therapists train the autistic child by encouraging the kid to sit in a slouched manner at a table or desk, aiding the child to control fidgets when sitting on the chair with the head propped up, guiding them to take a walk without any fall, building confidence in them to climb stair independently(less dependence on rallies), and cheering the ASD child to create good endurance and balance.

ASD children see "holding on to daily living/self-help skills" as a bigger challenge in their chores. If a child lacks self-help skills, they need special attention. Occupational Therapy helps autistic child to overcome their challenges in coping with their daily living skills. Occupational Therapists from Buds to Blossom aid the child to manipulate clothing fasteners, help them with dressing and undressing independently, train them on how to turn the faucet or water fountain ON, upskill them on handwashing, and help them open food packages or utensils.

Our Occupational Therapy Clinic in Chennai has Best therapists to support ASD children with general gross motor skills. This episode is framed for the child who finds it difficult to keep balance when standing on one foot, shows no interest to negotiate playground equipment with other playing kids, expresses annoying body language when running, tends to avoid physical education or sports activities, and shows no interest in walking on a line. Buds to Blossom's Occupational Therapists guide, aid, and give special attention to every child to make them engage in every activity of general gross motor skills therapy sessions.

Autism is not an everlasting syndrome/disorder. Buds to Blossom help ASD child to strengthen their hand muscles to carry out their hand-related daily chores through comprehensive therapy episodes organised by our occupational therapists. Our Occupational Therapy Clinic in Chennai has framed the therapy session on In-Hand Manipulation/Fine Motor Skills for the child who loses control in handling small objects(pegs, beads, & coins), has difficulty in having a firm grip over holding the pencil, marker, and crayon, and find very hard to have seamless hand movements.

Sometimes, a child shows signs of autism in form of psychosocial problems. ASD children find it hard to mingle with other kids as they lack socializing. Our Occupational Therapist Centre in Chennai specially design therapy sessions with Psychosocial Skills to help children build confidence and interest to befriend children, gradually supporting them to have high self-esteem, and encouraging them to be sportive and optimistic in handling their emotions. Buds to Blossom's Occupational Therapists travel with the enrolled child throughout the framed episodes until they overcome their complexes.

When a child ignores to respond by his/her name, it may be a sign of autism rather than hearing problems. Our Best Occupational Therapist in Chennai plans therapy episodes that aid ASD children to recall and respond to their names whenever they are named. Buds to Blossom’s Occupational Therapists train autistic children to be attentive, cope with verbal directions, help them to stay active and support them to limit their arousal levels.

Preferring self-companionship repeatedly at playtime indicates a child may have autism. Our Occupational Therapist Clinic in Chennai have designed the therapy session to encourage ASD children to share their playtime with other kids. Buds to Blossom's Occupational Therapists guide the children to ease their difficulty in sharing, helping them to overcome their negative emotions after losing a game, encouraging the kids to follow rules, and helping them how to initiate play.

The autistic child tends to be under/over-responsive to ordinary sensations from the body or environment. Buds to Blossom's Occupational Therapist train the ASD children to tune the loud and unclear sounds into a useful conversation, help them to get comfortable with unexpected touch and trains them on how to stream their affection towards the person with touches. Occupational Therapy Centre aid the autistic child to process sensory information accurately with proper coordination of the body in space awareness.


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