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Special Education

Special Education

Buds to Blossom's Special Education Therapy is exclusively designed for an autistic child to end the regression of disability. Every child has to perform certain occupations/activities at a certain age. If a child shows no interest in some form of occupation, then the child needs special attention and care.

The ASD Child have a disability in nurturing as a complete person. The emotional well-being of these children is delayed when compared to a healthy child. Special Education Therapy is completely a tailor-made program to help an autistic child to nurture their delayed development of mental, physical, social, and emotional health.

Our Special Education Therapists frame therapy episodes for ASD children after evaluating their strengths and weakness. The child's disability is evaluated with the help of an Individualized Education Program(IEP). Buds to Blossom's therapists have vast hands-on experience in conducting IEP tests on all age groups of children. Based on the evaluation, the activities/tasks are included in the planned episodes of the Special Education sessions.

Our therapists take special care in the assessment plan for a child with autism. Our Paediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic In Chennai understands the importance of the assessment as it decides to set a goal of making the ASD child nurture better. Special Education Therapy designed by Buds to Blossom is a holistic approach which connects every responsible person of the child to work as a team and help the kid to surpass the delayed development at every stage of the age progression.

The classroom environment of a normal child does not fit in the aspects of a child requiring Special Education Therapy. Therapists from Buds to Blossom create the training room ambience that encourages ASD children to take part in all organized activities. Special Education Therapy is a result-proven technique to enrich the kid's growth leading to sharing their physical and emotional well-being with other peers like every normal child. Enroll your child now for Special Education Therapy.


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