Handwriting Groups


Blast Off To Printing

For children in Kindergarten-1st Grade(3 years & 6 months to 6 years & 6 months)

This group is for children who have had some experience with printing but continue to need individual attention, instruction, and review of printed manuscript in a small group setting. Emphasis will be on improved in-hand manipulation, strength, and control as it relates to early writing skills. Activities will be developmentally appropriate for children who have completed kindergarten or first grade.

Cruising to Cursive

For children in 3rd/4th Grade (7 years & 6 months to 9 years & 6 months)

This group is designed for children beginning to learn cursive with an emphasis of use of kinesthetic awareness, finger dexterity, joint stability, as well as, proper pencil grasp, correct letter formation, and accurate sizing and spacing.

A Multi-disciplinary approach to social development

The group is for pre-school age children. This group will be led by a senior paediatric Occupational Therapist from Dr.Balaji's Buds TO/OT Blossom pediatric occupational therapy from Building Blocks Therapy. The Pre-K Play Group works to build skills in the areas of language & play, sensory-motor development and school readiness.

Sessions will include:

  • Circle Time
  • Gross Motor Play
  • Craft (Fine-Motor Skills)
  • Cooperative and Imaginative Play Skills

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