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Dr.B.Balaji's Buds TO/OT blossom is a pediatric occupational therapy clinic works on the importance of learning and enhancing new skills, those skills are facilitated in a natural environment. The Buds TO/OT Blossom center has been custom designed to mirror the experiences that the typically developing child encounters within his or her community.

The Buds TO/OT blossom is designed with the child and the family in mind. We address your child’s global therapy needs while they are enjoying what they do best: playing. For the child, his or her therapy sessions are fun—not a series of rote activities, maximizing each child’s motivation and participation in the therapeutic process.

Our innovative center is based on three tenets:

 Children learn about themselves and the world around them during their daily activities, whether at school, on the playground, at home or running errands with mom and dad.

 Natural learning environments are unpredictable and continuously changing.

 Learning is optimized when practice occurs under varying and random conditions.

To maximize the learning process, the main gym area of the Buds TO/OT Blossom center is reconfigured weekly to help re-create these variable conditions.Parental involvement also is a core component in all of our therapy sessions. By participating in the sessions, parents learn first-hand how to incorporate the therapeutic techniques we use during therapy time on a day-to-day basis while bonding with their children in a positive, enriching environment.For children with special needs, the Buds TO/OT Blossom center introduces them to a whole new world of interaction, stimulation and excitement. Equally important, our unique program gives parents and family members of children with special needs the opportunity to meet other parents who are dealing with similar issues, build a support group and create lasting friendships. At Buds OT/OT Blossom, all competition and judgment is left outside our doors, so that each child and his or her family can shine.

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